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Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)

As a result of significant water damage caused by a mains water pipe bursting in the top level of the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC), the Hugh Stirling Helpdesk received an emergency call to attend and assist with immediate repairs.

On arrival, it was clear that the mains pipe had caused significant damage to floors, ceiling and walls due to the 25,000 litres of water that escaped during a 45 minute window after the pipe had failed. 

As a result of our immediate response, we were able to get progress with the strip out of all flooring and plasterboard/grid ceilings throughout. The water damaged areas included ceilings and floors in mini conference rooms spread over 3 floors with communal corridors and back of house areas affected.

During a total program period of circa 12 weeks, Hugh Stirling stripped all damaged surfaces, installed dehumidifiers throughout and erected scaffolding around the main permitter corridors to access ceilings exceeding 10m in height, allowing for full down takings and then reinstatements, fully finished.  

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