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BAM Construction - Newmains & St Brigid's Community Hub

The £18 million Newmains and St Brigid's Community Hub, designed to be environmentally and energy efficient, also includes Newmains Family Learning Centre for nursery children and is home to more than 500 children and staff.  At the heart of the new building is a multi-use area featuring large wooden steps looking down on the stage. From here children can access the indoor slide – a feature that pupils had asked for during the pre-consultation period – which opens to a large hall for assemblies, sports and other events. Following an invitation to tender by BAM for a manufactured joinery package, Hugh Stirling were appointed to deliver the following scope of works.

The full scope of the project included:

  • specialist wall and ceiling cladding

  • sitting stairs feature unit

  • handrails and balustrades

  • facings to the privacy booths

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